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Here are the foals we've produced at Silvery Moon!



Silverlight Unexpected Arrival
Foaled April 2

The Bog Badger
Misty of Allen
The Spotted Badger
Fox's Lick

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Dixie had started waxing a little and started to drip a little milk the previous morning. We called the vet and she guessed that we'd be expecting a foal sometime late that night or the next day. So we had turned everyone out for the morning so Dixie could enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with her pasture mates before we turned them in early for the afternoon. But at 12:30 in the afternoon, Dixie went all the way out back behind a hill and delivered this little girl... in the snow, under the fence, and completely unexpected!! Once I got the newborn back into the pasture, I called in some people to help carry the baby up front and to get her and mama into the barn so they had a chance to bond (since the foal rolled under the fence and the whole herd had to come see the new arrival).

She gets her registered name for the fact that, well... her arrival was not quite what we were expecting! Her barn name is "Arlene", in honor of our dear friend Arlene Aston, who is the owner of Dixie's sire The Spotted Badger. Arlene was the one who successfully crossed The Spotted Badger with Fox's Lick (Dixie's parents) several times and produced exceptional crosses that have gone on to win ribbons, turn heads, and produced exceptional foals themselves. She has also produced other quality Kerry Bog Ponies back in the day and made a tremendous effort in helping preserve the breed! So we feel its only fair to pay homage to her!

She is an absolute cutie!! She is a spitting image of her mother, complete with her own "bull's head" white marking on her rump!! And she is extremely curious about her world with a spitfire personality to boot! And she LOVES to be scratched, especially on her butt! We absolutely adore this baby!!




Silverlight Seoirse Aed
Foaled July 3

The Bog Badger
Misty of Allen
The Spotted Badger
The Curlew

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We were expecting Lily's 340 mark on July 18, however, she had started her process for foaling last week, so we checked our last breeding date before that, putting her 340 mark on June 20 instead... which made a lot of sense!

So at 351... here's our next foal, born at 11:15 in the morning on HOT day! Didn't look a bit premature. He stood on his feet pretty quick, and figured out how to nurse just as quickly. Mama Lily was very attentive and affectionate. She just adores her baby!

His name, Seoirse Aed comes from two things: the first is the Irish variant of the name George and the second aed is the ancient Irish word for "fire" (which would be in reference to his fiery chestnut coat and the fact that he was born during a week of +90 degree Farenheight temperatures). The names are pronounced SHOR-sh and EE... which if said very quickly sounds like the name "Georgie"... and so that is his barn name!

Georgie's adorable and very sweet. He loves to get petted and scritched, and will happily groom you in return. and will talk to anyone, and started off very shy and attached to his dam. But as he got older, he decided that people were much more interesting. He's also incredibly vocal; Georgie's the first horse to talk to us when we come out to the pastures with his short little "squeaky" whinny, and after you've arrived, he's all about getting petted and won't let you leave until he gets his fix. Stocky and sweet... a treat that's hard to beat!














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