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Meet "Kili"

We got this adorable boy the day he was born. We were in need of a stallion with complete separate outcrossing to our mares, and so we took to looking overseas to bring in more herd numbers here in the United States. We had always been fascinated by the Bog Path line, and when we went to the Paintbox Stud where she currently resided, low and behold the mare herself was In Foal and due with her last baby! We said if it was a colt and a buckskin, we would buy it. And on April 23, guess what was born?! Since we picked him out at birth, we got the opportunity to name him- and we choose Quagmire Kili- with the "Quagmire" paying homage to his sire, and "Kili" coming from a traditional celtic background... and also in reference to a character from J.R.R. Tolkein's "The Hobbit" (which quite a few Kerry Bog breeders over in Ireland have done before).

Kili (pronounced KIL-EE) had a very long journey from England over to the United States, but he made it safely and with ease. He arrived on our farm on October 16, just a week shy of turning 6 months old. He has been a joy to be around, and we love watching him inspect his world and expand his baby energy by running and bucking out in the field.

Kili is to be our cornerstone stallion and we not only plan to breed him, but hopefully take him to events for promotion of the Kerry Bog Pony.




Kili is also currently the only buckskin Kerry Bog stallion in the United States!


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(Kili on his first birthday! 4/23/2017)



See Kili’s pedigree here.

Kili is line bred to foundation stallion Quagmire Prince, giving us a strong link to yet another Kerry Bog stallion known for his exceptional foals and outstandingly gentle temperament. His dam, Bog Path, has always produced kind-tempered offspring, as well as producing foals of exceptional color. Being the root matriarch for the leopard complex gene that gives her the "varnish roan" look, Kili was blessed with both her creme and leopard gene, which is exciting! We are looking forward to seeing what Kili will produce in the future!

Kili's sire (and grandsire)- Quagmire Prince ................................................... Kili at 9 days old with his dam, Bog Path



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