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The New Homes of Our Horses

Every horse that comes into our stables we love and nurture. And, like every great breeder and owner, it's hard to see them go. But they're gone and not forgotten! Here's the complete list of the horses we cherished and had to let go of here at Silvery Moon and any updates on how they are doing in their new homes.

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2019- Silverlight Seoirse Aed

Silverlight Seoirse Aed 2018

The Bog Dancer The Bog Badger
Misty of Allen
Tullycullion Lily The Spotted Badger
The Curlew

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Georgie (now called Goblin) permanently resides in Charlevoix, Michigan.



Georgie has a forever home with Sue Osborne, where she will be training him to drive and plans to show him in competitions all across the country. Congratulations to the both of them on this awesome endeavor!


2019- Silverlight Unexpected Arrival

Silverlight Unexpected Arrival 2018

The Bog Dancer The Bog Badger
Misty of Allen
Dixie Mayre The Spotted Badger
Fox's Lick

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Arlene permanently resides in Lincoln, California.




Arlene was spotted by René Bender online- a few photos and a video and she fell in love with this little girl! She traveled several days across the country to the state of California, where she has the highest honor of being the first Kerry Bog Pony there! René is also responsible for helping ressurect the Fell Pony breed in the States, and is planning to help do the same for the Bogs with her farm Far & Away Kerry Bog Ponies. Arlene also became the birthday present to René's granddaughter, Kara- whom Arlene will grow up with. Congratulations to everyone!

{First photo- Arlene and René} {Second photo- Arlene with her new buddy, Kara} (All three Photos Courtesy René Bender)


2016- Moneen Harry Hawthorne and Bog Blossom

Moneen Harry Hawthorne 2004

The Spotted Badger  
Golden Plover  

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Bog Blossom 2005

The Spotted Badger  
Bog Moneen Colleen Dempsey Bog
Fox's Lick

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Harry and Blossom permanently reside in Middleboro, Massachusetts.


Harry and Blossom came to us as a group of three with our mare Lily in the fall of 2015. Originally we planned to keep Blossom as a broodmare and train Harry to be our cart pony and ambassador for promoting the breed. But in the summer of 2016, we got a lovely email from a couple looking for some Kerry Bog ponies of their own after falling in love with the pony after a trip to Ireland. We said we'd sell Harry and Blossom if it meant breed promotion, and within a few days, they were flying out to our farm to meet the ponies! The Boggies took to the people and vice versa- a match meant to happen! They are now happily living with Connie and Don Miller where they're being displayed in parades constantly promoting the Kerry Bog Pony breed. We are so thrilled for everyone! Congratulations!

{First photo- Harry & Don} {Second photo- Blossom & Connie} (Photo Courtesy Connie Miller)



2016- TAF Robby Allen MacPeat

TAF Robby Allen MacPeat 2010

Old Peat  
Fox's Lick Flashy Fox
The Old Brown Sod

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Robby permanently resides in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

We had sold Robby to a personal friend whom was absolutely in love with him from the moment she met him. She had come to meet the Kerry Bog Ponies for the first time in the summer of 2015, and instantly Robby had charmed the socks off of her! She said if we ever wanted to sell him, she'd be the first to buy him. Well when we started looking into new options for the breeding program, we decided to ask if she meant it. We knew he would have a great home with her family where he'd be loved and cared for. He's now happy with the Weaver family, where he continues to charm the whole family and be his precarious self with their miniature pony Milty, donkey Lilly, and their small flock of sheep. They plan to train him to ride so their daughter Kat can use him in 4H.




2013- TAF Dempsey's Bog Star

TAF Dempsey's Bog Star 2007

Dempsey Bog  
The Hobby Quagmire Prince
The Curlew

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Star permanently resides in Raeford, North Carolina.

We had sold Star to a wonderful family that breeds rare animals- Lippizzans, Dogs, and now Kerry Bog Ponies! She is also the kid's pony to Emily's young sons, who love her to death. Good luck to Star and the Wright family of Tempus Renatus Farm on their journey of promoting and breeding these amazing ponies!




On August 27, 2016 Star welcomed her first foal- a bay tobiano colt named Liam! Isn't he adorable?! Congratulations to everyone at Tempus Renatus!!



2012- Sylrtomoros Kude Tah

Sylrtomoros Kude Tah 2004

Amberfields Golden Tomoro Amberfields Desperado
DBF Black Nightcloud
Tomorows Lady Delilah Quietude Cardinal
Lisa At Suppertime

See Tucker's externded pedigree HERE


Tucker (now called Trooper) currently resides in Northern Michigan.


We sadly had to move Tucker on due to us not being able to keep up with the Morgans. He was my mother's riding horse, and when my mother became unwell and rode less, Tucker sat out in a field and got fat and underworked, which made him unhappy. We knew he needed to go to a home and a family who would ride him and give him a job to do. He was sold to a lovely Morgan breeder/owner in Ohio, but sadly that home did not work. After a few more homes, Tucker (now called Trooper) found his way to a wonderful woman in the Gaylord area, who has been working with him regularly.



2009- Moon Starr O'Hara

Moon Starr O'Hara 2006

Amberfields Golden Tomoro Amberfields Desperado
DBF Black Nightcloud
Niobrara Starrlet O'Hara Starr B Look At Me
Niobrara Mayflower

See Moonie's externded pedigree HERE



Moonie permanently resides in Traverse City, Michigan.

Moonie was our sweet love bug, always coming up for attention and wanting his favorite places scritched and scratched. Whenever I wasn't feeling well physically or emotionally, Moonie was usually there with his head in my arms, letting me know he's here for me. He took care of us when we need it; he also seemed to take on the role of "protector" to my senior broodmare, Vicki, and takes excellent care of her whenever she needs it too! He was a joy in our lives. We ended up moving Moonie on so that he could be used to his full potential.

He has a loving forever home with the Novarro family, where their daughter Ellie has shown him in her local 4H club and plans to take him everywhere, even to college! Congratulations!!



2009- Silvery-Moons Blood Brother


Silvery-Moons Blood Brother ~1990

Quarter Horse Stallion Unknown
Quarter Horse Mare Unknown

(Raza in his new pasture in Mount Pleasant.)


"Raza" permanently resides in the Mount Pleasent, Michigan area.

Raza was my first horse and the start of my passion for these majestic creatures. I had thought about giving him a forever home with us, given the hardships he went through, but then we knew someone with a young boy that loved horses as much as I do but was intimidated and needed a good, patient horse, Raza was the perfect horse and they were the perfect people to give him to. And I wouldn't have given Raza to just anyone. Raza had settled in well in his new home, ankle-deep in a field with varieties of grass. I had always been updated on how he's behaving for the longest time, but we fell through after a couple of years.

Last I heard, the young boy grew up and went off to college, and Raza is now living out his life at a petting zoo, enjoying small children love on him and feed him anything he wants.



2009- Me Quick Cheerios BF


Me Quick Cheerios BF 1999

Me Quick Jet Movin On Easy
Sugar Super Socks
Cherrio's Squiers MOS Cherrios
Squier's Perfection
See Cheero's externded pedigree HERE

(Cheerio after a bath in the summer of 2009.)

Cheerio currently resides in Petoskey, Michigan.

Cheerio was our little "go-to" Paint mare with an intelligent mind a sweet disposition. We had gotten her from family; they had begged us to take her and knew we'd either give her... or find her a good home. Because we never gave her the proper work she needed and we were in love with our Morgans, we had been trying to find someone that would put in the time and energy that she deserves. Cheerio found a home with the Barneys at Double K Corral riding facility. They had informed us that they will be using Cheerio as their main mare for riding and that she is has become a much better horse now that she has gotten the true time in the saddle that she needs.



2008- Sylrtomoros Royal Dandy


Sylrtomoros Royal Dandy 2004

Andas Royal Marshal O-At-Ka Royal Marshal
Princess Pierette
Sylrtomoros Coal Miner's Daughter Tomoros MidKnight Traveler
Tomoros-Classical Babe

See Dandy's extended pedigree HERE

(Dandy at our farm in summer of 2007.)


"Dandy" currently resides back home in Freesoil, Michigan.

Dandy was our gentle giant- standing at 16 hands only at the age of four. He was a real sweetheart and was a quick learner at the trainer's. He also got along with everyone he met, both people and horses. Unfortunetly, because he was just too tall for us, we decided to return him to his breeder. We traded him out for our gelding, Moonie, whom is much smaller.

We heard that he has found a new home somewhere in Manistee. I hope he's happy with his new family!


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