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Meet "Star"

With mare, Dixie Mayre (8/20/11) ..............................................With half sister, TAF Miss Ruby Peat (8/16/2011)
.................................................................................................. (This photo just shows off her rump quite nicely... and her size [11.3])



"Star" came to us along with two other KBP Mares in the spring of 2011; this was a great opportunity to have a few more mares to choose from for our breeding program. She is a pocket pony and knows just how to steal your heart. She is all about attention and enjoys any that she recieves.

She has beautiful color and a sturdy conformation. She also has beautiful action, just like a typical Kerry Bog. I cannot get over how much she resembles her sire, but she has her dam’s sweet personality. Star is very loving and is the first Kerry Bog to come running to the gate when you approach and even gives you kisses on your hands! She started out at the bottom of the ranks when she came, but she is slowly trying to establish her dominance and it's not quite working to her advantage.




(May 19, 2012)




December 11, 2013: A few weeks back, we unintentionally sold Star. But she has gone to a home and a family that was meant to be! Debbie Thomasson-Wright from Tempus Renatus Farm bought her knowing and appreciating that Star was a rare pony and wanted her to be a riding pony for her two grandsons. Her daughter Emily also has plans to use her as a broodmare for breeding! So Star loaded into a trailer on Tuesday morning and got there today around 5:30pm. They are so happy with her and she loves them! We're going to miss her, seeing these photos after she arrived makes us so happy and we know she's going to be used, loved, and appreciated for many years to come. We are so thrilled for them- her, her daughters, grandsons, and Star too!!!
Debbie's comments on Star after arrival: "She is such a champ. 38 hrs on the road and tame enough for the boys to "assault". They hugged her belly, hind leg, and neck. Then rode bare back in the stall. While big horses were sticking noses in.
" (No surprise to us, since that's how Star is, as well as how the breed is in general.)

(Photos courtesy of Debbie Thomasson-Wright)



Photos of Star


(5/21/2011) When spring comes around, so does having to cleanup after the Winter Messes. It was the first time the Kerry Bogs had to expirience the tractor coming into the pasture to clean the inside of the run-in... with them being right in there next to it! Star was the most curious about the front-end loader and she wasn't shy about my father moving the bucket up and down. And no matter where he went with the tractor, she was right there following after that bucket and sticking her nose right in! This just shows that Star is not skiddish at all and shows that she doesn't run first and ask questions later.



(December 25, 2011) I was lunging her out for
a video and when I looked back at it, I liked
how she stood in one part of the clip. So I took
a snapshot of it for a current photo of her. I
know its somewhat blurry and she's all wooly,
but it is just something to look at for now.



A quick pic of her trot from a video we shot on
the nicest day we found. Yes, its blurry and I
was hopeful it wasn't, but it looks decent
enough to get the point. (12/31/2011)



See Star’s pedigree here

Star comes from the best of the best! Her sire is the foundation stallion Dempsey Bog, and her dam, The Hobby, is a daughter of the foundation stallion Quagmire Prince, whom still lives in Ireland with only a small handful of descendants living in the United States. With a wide-open range of foundation bloodlines, Star gives us lots of breeding options and makes a great addition to our program.


Star’s sire- Dempsey Bog ............................................... Star’s dam- The Hobby


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