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Meet "Vicki"

Vicki came to us practically as a rescue horse. The poor girl had broken her coffin bone in a Hunt Seat accident and had gotten atrophy in the neck and chest from wicked scars. We don't know for sure what had happened; we've been told a few stories, but since we never saw her get injured, its difficult to know for certain. Due to her powerful bloodlines and short-lived show career, she was kept alive and used as a backyard broodmare. When we found her, we were looking for a rideable horse for me, so with her injuries she was a risk to take. But was worth it in the end. And now I wouldn’t know where I’d be without her.

She was my sweet little 26-year-old Government Morgan mare. And when I mean sweet, I mean sweet enough that she gives kisses! She'll even stand there and let you cuddle her face and let you love on her like a dog. And she just loves the attention! This beautiful girl came to us in the fall of 2006; she was my second horse and my first Morgan. She is the light of my life and she gives me just as much devotion and security as I give her. It is because of her that my passion for the Morgan breed had been inflamed and inspired me to become a breeder.

Vicki only had two foals. Her first was a colt named Stargait Beam of Hope (by Stargait's Seeka SirPrize), born in 2006 to previous owners. He was a fine young colt with excellent conformation, a gentle disposition, and a people oriented attitude like his dam. Her second was another colt that was born to us in June 2007 that we named Silvery-Moons Shadow Dancer. However, we lost “Shad” at birth. Due to loosing Shad, she ended up tearing her cervix and made it extremely hard to get her rebred. After a year of fixing it naturally, she was declared a breedable mare once again. But after two years of being open and her being an older broodmare, it made it impossible for Vicki to stay In Foal. So, with shattered dreams of breeding her and keeping her bloodlines in my herd, she had been retired and is our loveable little mare, our perfect kid’s horse, and maybe one day a perfect babysitter for the future foals to come.

She happily retired here, where she was constantly loved and spoiled. She is the sun my world revolved around, and has a forever home in my barn and in my heart.



Vicki crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, February 27th sometime around 2:00pm from an unexpected heart attack. Her final hours were spent exactly how she liked it: hanging out in the barn with her friends with her favorite bucket of grain and tender 2nd cut hay.

We had everyone in the barn for the morning while we waited for some snow to help buffer the walkways from the ice. Everyone got their stalls cleaned- she happily bounced around in great anticipation for her tasty morning grain that was soaked with a little carrot and extra carrot tops. She received a little lovin’ like always and then we went inside for some lunch, expecting to let them out later in the afternoon to stretch and play. It was shortly after we left the barn that she suddenly passed.

We don’t know what her life was like for the first 11 years. All we know is she was born in Lebanon Connecticut. Being a granddaughter of two world-renown broodmare sires, Trijas's Mr Pepperlect and Tedwin Topic, Vicki was supposedly trained in Hunt Seat and won many ribbons until she broke her coffin bone. She traded hands a few times before we found her in a backyard in Muskegon, Michigan half-starved, nursing her own foal and an orphaned foal, and looking depressed. We brought her home and she received a forever home.

Vicki was the heart of our farm. It was because of her that I developed my love for horses. Because of her, we discovered the Kerry Bog Ponies, and drove a passion for me to be a breeder... for both Morgans and Boggies. She gave meaning to my life when I was a teenager and had no reason for being... and even as an adult, she still gave me meaning when the world seemed hopeless. We always loved to hear her nickers and whinnies and it made us laugh to look out the window and watch her patiently stand in a corner of a pasture and wait for us to come outside to feed or pet her. I would come into the barn and the first sight I saw was her head hanging over her stall with wide eyes and a happy nicker. Her happiness was always the highlight of my morning and night.

In a way... I lost my Heart Horse. Vicki was the heart of our farm... but we didn't realize how important she truly was until she was gone.

While we’re all devastated, I'm happy to say that her passing was quick and without pain. I have no idea what her life was like for the first 11 years... and her life wasn’t the greatest when we met her... but for the 12 years that we owned her, she has had the best life possible. That little mare had me wrapped around her hoof and I didn't mind one bit. She died the happiest horse in the world, and she was showered with lots of love, cuddles, kisses, and tears before she was laid to rest by our apple tree near the pastures, where we spent many pleasant hours together.






See Vicki’s pedigree here.

Her pedigree was absolutely wonderful! Certain breeders thought her bloodlines made her too high-strung, but really she was the opposite. Her pedigree was a must for discerning Show Morgan breeders and the blood she carried was hard to come across in the Morgan market. Vicki’s bloodlines are also so special that she could cross excellently with almost any stallion I chose for her. She really was the perfect broodmare to start me on my breeding path.

Vicki is by a Trijas Mr. Pepperlect son and out of a Tedwin Topic daughter; both excellent contemporary broodmare sires. In a five-generation pedigree, she has Upwey Ben Don four times and full sisters Little Miss Pepper and Donna Mae Pepper. In terms of her place in the Morgan Families, Vicki was actually a hard horse to identify at first since, in five generations, she carries quite a bit of Western Working lines, with names such as Redman, Romanesque, and Congo. And she possesses Lippitt blood like Golden River Dona and Cornwallis. She is a little bit of everything, but she contains enough Government Morgans in her pedigree that she is considered apart of the Government family.

Vicki was also 90.234375% Foundation!



Best Noted Morgans In Her Pedigree

Tedwin Topic- This is Vicki's maternal grandsire! Topic is known as The Great Broodmare sire on the century. 1/3 of the Champion Morgans and fabulous broodmares in the Morgan world have Tedwin Topic very close-up and personal in their pedigree.







Trija’s Mr. Pepperlect- This is Vicki's paternal grandsire! Pepperlect is considered one of the top breeding stallions in the Morgan breed. He is not just a broodmare sire like Tedwin Topic. Pepperlect also carries a great deal of the "Pepper" breeding, with the great Pepper stallions and mares like Brown Pepper and Little Miss Pepper. And, like many of the Morgan stallions in Vicki's pedigree, Pepperlect was also a Champion in the Saddle Seat ring.





Brown Pepper- For Vicki, he appears twice in a five-generation pedigree. Father (as he was nicknamed) was the founder of the well-known "Pepper" breeding. His show career earned him blue ribbons in Park Saddle and In Hand shows. Father sired a number of foals, but his two daughters, Donna Mae Pepper and Little Miss Pepper, and his most influential son Cajun Pepper, are the biggest Pepper Morgans that have preserved the bloodlines of this fabulous stallion. These three foals are also just as renowned in their own ways in the Morgan world as their sire was.


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